Neapolitan Cheesecake Slice

These delicious little treats happened by accident. I had bought a pack of wafer biscuits with the aim of setting up a cookie decorating activity for the kids for a play date this week. But then I remembered the block of Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese in the fridge that I had purchased weeks ago and had been wanting to experiment with, and then I saw the wafers in the pantry and the stars aligned! It was time to make a 'cheats' Neapolitan cheesecake slice! So to make this you literally need two items; 1 packet of wafer biscuits - preferably with three flavours, I used Arnott's Tina Wafers - and then a 250g block of Chocolate Cream Cheese. 1. Place Chocolate Cream Cheese in a microwave-safe bowl and heat in microwave for approx 30-45 seconds. You want the cream cheese to be soft and easy to spread, but not hot. 2. Place 8 chocolate wafers side by side in a slice tin. Use a spoon or knife to spread the chocolate cream cheese evenly on to the wafers. 3. Cover this with 8 strawberry wafers, ensuring these are aligned with the chocolate wafer layer. Then repeat with the chocolate cream cheese. 4. Top with 8 vanilla wafers and voila! That is it! Use a knife to separate the squares of cheesecake slice and then they can be served immediately or placed in the fridge and served cold.

Enjoy! xx

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