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Easy Easter sweet treats

Here are four quick and easy sweet treat ideas for the little ones that are perfect for Easter Sunday lunch, or a pre-Easter picnic with friends or family. 1. Egg + Spoon Race.

My kids loved having an Egg + Spoon race last week with some of their friends. All you need for this fun activity are spoons and mini eggs - if they make it to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon, it is theirs to enjoy!

2. Strawberry Milk + Bunny Tail Pops. To make these sweet drinks all you need is some strawberry purée or topping, milk, Raffaellos and straws. Pour the strawberry flavoured milk into the milk bottles or glasses, pop a Raffaello onto the end of a straw and you have a quick and easy treat that the kids will love. (Tip: These drinks go perfectly with a Hot Cross Bun.)

3. Easter Bunny Watermelon.

My kids adored these bunny-shaped watermelon pieces and with watermelon being so easy to cut you won't even need to buy a bunny cookie cutter. I found a bunny silhouette online on the iPad, traced onto baking paper, cut the bunny out and then placed the paper onto the watermelon pieces before using a knife to trace around the bunny. Pop them onto a lollipop stick for a watermelon pop, or serve them on a pretty plate (the spoons, straws and plates above are from Sambellina). Simple and cute!

4. Two-minute Egg Nest Cookies. For the last couple of years I have made egg nest cupcakes for my kids, but these cookies are a new fav as they are literally ready in a couple of minutes. To make these I used Arnott's Tic Toc biscuits as the base, then drizzled them with melted chocolate and topped with crushed chocolate Flake and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Easter. I hope the Bunny visits and that you have a beautiful weekend spent with loved ones. Xx

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