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Fairy Bread takes on an icy twist. A dessert table sprinkled with fun!

My family has always adored Bulla Family Dairy products, so I was SO excited to be invited to create a fairy bread themed dessert table sprinkled with fun to celebrate the launch of their new ice cream range, Fairy Bread, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Crumble.

Bulla’s Fairy Bread ice cream has taken a party classic and given it an icy twist with real dairy vanilla ice cream made with fresh milk and cream, dipped in creamy
 white chocolate and smothered in sprinkles – a delicious treat perfect for a party!

For my fairy bread themed dessert table, I wanted to create a fun and bright tablescape, which equally celebrated the essence of the original party treat and Bulla’s Fairy Bread ice cream – plus a hint of fairy magic!

The Fairy Bread ice creams took pride of place on the new Sweet Sticks cookie stands, finished off with hot pink twine from Ruby Rabbit Party.

I then served up a decadent chocolate cake topped with Sucre Chocolates sprinkles, mini fairy bread cheesecake cups (which I made with a shortbread biscuit base), fairy bread & popsicle cookies by Savvy Cakes, chocolate bars from Paper Playground and – for the hint of fairy magic – mini balloon fairy wands from Ruby Rabbit and teeny tiny fairy jars of ‘magic’ sprinkles from Sucre, which Ava & Alex’s friends happily took home to make their own fairy bread.

The sprinkles paperie was by Astrid from Paper Playground, which included the custom sprinkles print backdrop, popsicle dessert tags, and the sweetest fairy bread tags for the jars of sprinkles. Astrid also created a bunting for the table, which I cut into pieces of ‘fairy bread’ and stuck onto boxes for the ice creams.

A huge thank you to Bulla Dairy Foods for this unique opportunity in bringing the sprinkle magic to life! xx


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