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Beep, beep! Alexander is THREE!

We celebrated our little boy Alexander’s 3rd birthday on the weekend with a Lightning McQueen themed party.

It was not long after Alex’s 2nd birthday that he requested a Cars party for his 3rd birthday. He is a Cars (and Lightning McQueen) fanatic and Cars 1 & Cars 2 are on repeat at our house. (He is seriously counting down until the release of Cars 3 later in the year!)

I went with a baby blue, red and white colour scheme for the party. The gorgeous custom "Alexander's Sweet Pit Stop' print on the dessert table was made by Tania at Petit Pixel Design.

Alex's amazing birthday cake was made by Christina at Boutique Cake Art. The cake was a gluten-free Vanilla and Chocolate Checkerboard cake with ganache and buttercream. So delicious! Christina topped it off with Disney McQueen candle and cars. Alex couldn't decide between chocolate and vanilla flavour for the cake so Christina suggested the Checkerboard - you should have seen his face when we cut the cake and he saw the inside!

It was a rainy day in Melbourne on the day of the party, so I set up a picnic indoors for the birthday boy and his little friends. The cars running down the middle of the party table did not stay in place for long!

The partyware I used was a mix of soft blue and silver from and also a range of character partyware from Disney.

We set up a Car Zone in the courtyard for Alex and his buddies, complete with mini cars and car tracks.

The kids also played pass the parcel, enjoyed a Lightning McQueen treasure hunt and played Pin the 95 on McQueen. During the treasure hunt all the kids collected McQueen pencils, bubbles and a mini car which they could then use in the Car Zone.

I had Disney Lightning McQueen balloons set up throughout the house and each of the little ones took home a foil balloon.

For savoury party food we had veggie crudités, star and cloud shaped sandwiches, chicken nuggets, sausage rolls and sushi.

The cute popcorn cups were from

For sweets we had a fruit platter and then the amazing Mcqueen themed cake and cookies from Boutique Cake Art. I also served some Traffic Light pops (this was just my Smartie Slice recipe served on popsicle sticks), Rocky Road, chocolate cars which I made with a mould from Confectionately Yours Perth and my best friend Kate made some of Alex’s favourite Teddy Race cars.

The little ones couldn't get enough of the sweet treats, they were literally racing off the table!

The road tape on the dessert table was from and I also used this to set up tracks in the car zone and also on the kids' table.

It was the sweetest day for our little man. Alex called it early and announced before guests had arrived that it was ‘the best party ever’. As he drifted off to sleep that night I was the happiest mumma in the world knowing our little boy had truly had the best day ever. xx

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