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5-minutes with Eveline at Dous Dolce

This week we were SO excited to chat to Sydney-based macaron artist, creative baker & cake designer, Laurensia Eveline from Dous Dolce.

Eveline is renowned for her character macaron art and cute pull-apart breads, along with her artistic cookies and cakes.

We first saw Eveline’s work on Instagram via our friend Astrid @paperplayground and we were instantly smitten with her adorable creations.

Eveline, please tell us a little bit about yourself and the background to your business?

I am a B.Economics (Accounting) graduate and had worked briefly in one of the accounting (auditing) firm. When I moved to Sydney, I could not find any job that matched my background and experience (unless I took further study here). Fortunately, I have always been a fan of baking and I decided to pursue this aspiration.

At the beginning, I didn’t have any plan to start a business, however, I had interest in my creations, and this is when I decided to take my hobby to the next level by starting the business.

Can you tell us a bit about your signature creations, including character macarons and pull-apart breads?

I have always loved cute and pretty things, more so if they are unique. Macarons and breads are delicious treats and they are fun to make. I saw some people taking macarons and breads to the next level (i.e. character macarons and pull-apart bread) and it inspired me to create and design my own. And I am not surprised that character macarons and breads are everyone’s favourite.

What are your most popular cake flavours? And how many cakes, macarons and breads do you make in a week?

The most popular cake flavours are: Red velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry Orange cake and Green tea. On average I make 3 cakes, 5 batches of macarons (16 macarons/batch), and 3 breads in a week.

Macaron art, character macarons and all things kawaii are currently taking the world by storm. What are your tips for someone starting out in the world of macaron art?

First of all, you need to enjoy doing macaron art. Just like any other form of art, you need to be patient and persistent. Do not give up and keep practicing. Start with a simple one, gradually move to the more complex one once you get the feel and the confidence.

Can you share some details of your recipes and/ or tips to create the perfect macaron?

I guess macaron recipes are relative and there are plenty available out there. I’ll say, you need to do your trial and error as sometimes what works for one person might not work for another. You will find the best recipe by trialling and adjusting. Batter mixing timing is also crucial and requires repetition until you find the perfect timing. Folding techniques, folding duration, and not only that, baking time and temperature are at the utmost importance here. You need to find the perfect timing and temperature by trial and error. I can say that I bake my character macarons on 150°C for 15 mins. However, it might not bake perfectly in different ovens.

What are your tips for aspiring bakers and cake decorators looking to start their own business?

Baking is fun and it is supposed to be kept that way. One most important tip: find what you enjoy making. Do not try to keep mimicking designs that don’t represent your idea or creativity, unless you enjoy it. Because you can definitely create much better stuff if you like what you are making.

Finally, what is store for you in the year ahead?

I plan to have my own baking studio that I can use not only for production, but also to run workshops for people who are interested in what I am doing.

Thank you Eveline! It was lovely to chat to you.

You can reach Dous Dolce on, or via the website or email xx

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