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An unforgettable night at 'Faulty' Towers The Dining Experience

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is currently on in Melbourne and we were thrilled to attend one of the feature events last night, the opening night of 'Faulty' Towers The Dining Experience, which is being held at Stamford Plaza Melbourne until April 14.

This sought-after Fawlty Towers tribute show tours the world continuously, has a London West End residency, and has appeared in 39 countries to date. The show is performed by over 30 supremely talented comedy actors based in England and Australia.

Without a doubt, it was one of the funniest nights of my life, with non-stop laughter from the minute we were greeted by Basil Fawlty and escorted to our seats by Manuel.

The cast for Melbourne International Comedy Festival features a world-wide Basil favourite, Rob Langston, as well as two renowned Australian performers, both from Melbourne: Anthony Sottile (Manuel) and Rebecca Fortuna (Sybil).

Basil, Sybil and Manuel were all brought-to-life beautifully, with their spot-on impersonations (and improvisations) you could have sworn you were sitting in the Fawlty Towers dining room in Torquay, England.

As we sat to enjoy a 3 course meal, chaos ensued with Manuel's Hamster (rat) going missing in the restaurant, the Chef drunk in the kitchen, Basil's $50 bet lost in translation, and Sybil trying to save the day with her signature charm.

It was comedy gold and a night out I will never forget.

There are limited tickets still available and I highly recommend it to any Fawlty Towers fans or anyone looking for a fun and unique night out.

To book tickets visit:


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